This section covers the ingredients found in Blood Pressure Optimizer™ and discusses WHY & HOW they work, including links to clinical studies. You can also see "recommended use" instructions.

Below you'll find "Supplement Facts" and "Ingredient Summaries"

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients Amount Per Serving %DV*

Potassium (as Albion® Potassium Glycinate Complex) 300 MG 6%
Vitamin C (from Calcium Ascorbate) 55 MG 92%
Calcium (from Calcium Ascorbate) 5 MG <1%
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 10 MG 500%

MAGNA Max™ Magnesium Blend    
TRAACS® Magnesium Glycinate, Amino Acid Chelate, Albion® Di-Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Citrate 240 MG 55%

BP Synergy Optimizer™ Blend 2037 MG
English Hawthorne Berry Extracts (standardized to 3.2% vitexin-2-rhamnosides and 2% flavonoids) 900 MG  
MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract, Non-GMO [std. to 85% Total Phenolics] 300 MG  
Celery3nB™ Celery Seed Extract [std. to 42.5% phthalides] 300 MG  
Pomegranate 5:1 Extract (fruit) 200 MG  
L-Arginine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate 300 MG  
Lycopene 5% (Lycopersicon Esculentum) 37 MG  

† Daily Value not established
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Made in USA Gluten free Vegetarian Non GMO Additive and filler free
Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3 pills daily with 1 glass of water and with a meal. Perferably, spread out through the day (ie: 1 pill, 3x daily)

Other Ingredients: plant-derived cellulose gelatin (Vegetarian capsule), Rice Flour

Does NOT Contain Any: Artificial colors, wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, fish, peanuts.

Potential Side Effects: There are no known side effects associated with this product. However, as with any food product, there may be infrequent and unusual highly sensitized reactions associated with this or any other nutritional supplement. If such a reaction occurs, you should consider discontinuing use of this or any product.

Warnings & Interactions: If you are taking blood pressure medication(S), are pregnant or lactating, consult your health care practitioner before using this or any new product. Keep out of reach of children.

MegaNatural®-BP is a registered trademark of Polyphenolics, a division of Constellation Wines US, Inc. and is produced under US patent 6,544,581
Celery3nB™ is a registered trademark of Anderson Global Group, LLC.
TRAACS™ is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories, Inc.

Capsule Size: Capsules may always be opened and the contents poured into your mouth or a liquid beverage.
capsule size

Ingredient Summaries:

Below you'll find detailed descriptions about the ingredients utilized in Blood Pressure Optimizer™ - exactly HOW it works & WHY it's better than other products. Simply click on the ingredients below and a detailed description will appear under it.

  • MegaNatural®-BP Grape Seed Extract, Non-GMO

    Pre Summary

    • MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract is the only grape seed extract with a patented process of extraction (US patent 6,544,581). This unique process of extraction enhances bioavailability and provides better absorption compared to other generic grape seed extracts.1,2
    • Clinically shown to be well-absorbed in the body, even in as early as 90 minutes upon ingestion.3
    • A Non-GMO source, which comes from top-level high quality harvested grapes sourced from the largest wine maker in the world with strict vineyard standards, Constellation Brands.4
    • Within 4-8 weeks, normal blood pressure levels are attained in clinical studies.5,6
    • MegaNatural®-BP has achieved FDA No-Objection GRAS status, which means it's clinically tested to be safe1.


    Grape seed extract is well-known in the health community to be an antioxidant which prevents nerve damage and cardiovascular diseases. It can also significantly lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. The health benefits of grape seed are already generally accepted by the public. This is proven by the numerous grape seed extract supplements you can find in the market.

    What is not usually known is that there are 2 factors that play important roles when choosing which kind of grape seed extract is best:

    1. The source of the harvested grape seed
    2. The process of how they turn the harvested grape seed into a supplement

    These two factors will determine whether you fully absorb, utilize and get the full benefits of the grape seed extract you are ingesting. It is useless to ingest grape seed extract that will only be thrown away by your body or only partially absorbed.

    Why We Chose MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract

    The "absorption" factor was a big reason we selected the MegaNatural-BP version, over the regular grape seed extracts. But, there are additional benefits:

    MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract is made from a special blend of California grown, Non-GMO red and white varietal grape seeds. This DUAL blend is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that naturally increase blood vessel dilation to promote healthy blood pressure. 

    MegaNatural-BP is extracted using a patented, solvent-free water extraction process which yields a low molecular weight product., which further improve delivery to your cells.

    Finally - It's Clinically Proven In Human Trials!

    All of this means nothing, unless it's also backed by science.

    Two placebo-controlled human clinical trials conducted by researchers at the Department of Preventive Cardiology, University of California Davis School of Medicine, have found that MegaNatural-BP supports blood pressure within the normal range. No other grape seed extract can say the same, since MegaNatural-BP has a unique structure and composition.10

    You may see the results of the clinical studies in the below chart, but one thing to keep in mind is that Blood Pressure Optimizer™ uses the MAXIMUM clinically proven dosage of 300 mgs of MegaNatural-BP.11,12

    THIS is why our product has continually seen positive results in both clinical and real-world results.

  • English Hawthorne Berry Extracts

    Pre Summary

    • Endorsed by Europe’s Commission E – the branch of the German government that studies and approves herbal treatments – as a safe and effective treatment for early stages of heart disease.
    • Traditionally used to treat heart problems ranging from irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, chest pain, hardening of the arteries and heart failure.13
    • In randomized trials of 264 patients, the pressure–heart rate product showed a beneficial decrease with hawthorn treatment.14
    • Shown to reduce blood pressure in a study of 38 patients with mild hypertension. In addition, hawthorn-taking participants were found to have lower levels of anxiety.15


    Hawthorn is a thorny shrub under the rose family. Its flowers bloom in May and after the flowers come its small berries. Hawthorn berries contain a wide range of flavonoids, which are excellent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Extensive research demonstrates that Hawthorn Berry extract delivers optimum support for normal heart muscle function, coronary artery health and blood pressure support. This extract helps support

    • Strong contractile force of human heart muscle.11
    • Protection for heart muscle cells from oxidant damage.9,10
    • Normal gene expression to promote cardiovascular health.8,10,13
    • Improved cardiovascular performance.19

    Hawthorn is even shown to help reduce levels of blood fats and aid in preventing the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries in a study published in 2009.18

    The Psychological Side Of Blood Pressure

    Hawthorn preparations are popular in Europe for the treatment of high or low blood pressure, tachycardia (fast heartbeat) or arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat). It relaxes the heart muscles, while rejuvenating it.

    One additional (and major) benefit is that it also helps regulate your body's stress response, including tempering Cortisol levels, to support normal blood pressure.13,14

    This is exciting news because, for the first time ever, you can address the psychological side of blood pressure, which has long been a missing link in supplement formulas.

    Maximum Dosage & Extract

    The minimum effective dose for treating congestive heart failure with hawthorn is suggested to be standardized extract 300 mg daily, and maximum benefit appears after 6 to 8 weeks of use.16

    Blood Pressure Optimizer™ utilizes English Hawthorne at the maximum extract (standardized to 3.2% vitexin-2-rhamnosides and 2% flavonoids) at the correct clinically proven dosage of 900 mgs daily16.

    NO other supplement formula on the market contains this maximum and clinically proven dosage. THIS is why our product has continually seen positive results in both clinical and real-world results.

  • MAGNAMax™ Blend

    Pre Summary

    • Magnesium as Albion Di-Magnesium Malate is a form of magnesium that is highly bioavailable and absorb-able by the human body.19
    • Approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), Kosher, vegetarian friendly, GMO free, and hypoallergenic.
    • The magnesium we use undergoes a patented method for testing (TRAACS® or The Real Amino Acid Chelate System), which shows the degree of absorption of the mineral. This ensures that the Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine Chelate we use in our Blood Pressure Optimizer™ supplement gets highly absorbed and utilized by the body.20


    Magnesium (Mg) is a not-so-celebrated mineral and yet it is essential for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body. Our bodies need it for maintaining energy levels, for muscle relaxation and for keeping healthy functions of our heart and blood vessels.

    It is also a natural blood thinner and therefore is believed to prevent strokes and heart attacks.21

    Better Than Drug?...

    If you know someone with high blood pressure, you might find that his doctor has given him calcium channel blocker medications. These are medicines which relax and widen blood vessels, therefore allowing the blood to flow through the blood vessels smoothly, lowering blood pressure.

    The good news is that magnesium acts like a calcium channel blocker, easing blood vessel flow and lowering blood pressure – naturally, without any synthetic drugs.

    It was found in a study of more than 8,500 people that a higher intake of magnesium may decrease the risk of high blood pressure.22

    Because of the extreme importance of this vital mineral, Blood Flow Optimizer™ utilizes 4 specific forms for maximum absorption and tolerance, based on clinical studies.

  • Celery3nB™ Celery Seed Extract

    Pre Summary

    • Clinically proven to help lower high blood pressure.
    • Works similar to calcium channel blocking drugs, but without the negative drug side-effects.
    • Has many vascular benefits - preventing strokes, improvement of cognition and memory, preventing Alzheimer's
    • Non toxic and safe for long-term usage.
    • The active ingredient (L-3-n-butylphthalide) found in the extract, is equivalent to 50 lbs of celery stalk if you chose to eat celery rather than supplement with a pill.


    Celery is a simple food with a complex chemical makeup. Studies show that celery seed components produce a relaxing, dilating effect that lowers blood pressure.

    This appears to occur, at least in part, by blocking or antagonizing the flow of calcium into muscle cells lining blood vessels—similar to the action performed by calcium channel blocking drugs, but without the negative drug side-effects.24,25 

    One key blood pressure-lowering compound in celery seeds has the technical name of L-3-n-butylphthalide, abbreviated as 3nB.26,27

    Improved Blood Flow

    3nB has been used in a number of studies for the management of vascular diseases in the brain, such as stroke and vascular dementia.26,28,29 And even now, a synthetic form of 3nB is being developed as a drug for the treatment of cerebral ischemic stroke and mild cognitive impairment as well as for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease—all of which have components of abnormalities in blood flow.26,30-33

    No Toxic Effects

    Animal and lab studies reveal that 3nB-rich extracts of celery seeds produce blood pressure reductions of up to 38 mm Hg in hypertensive rats.27 Animal studies also demonstrate that celery seed extract has no significant toxic effects even at very high doses.34

    Clinically Proven In Human Studies

    A human study demonstrating the effectiveness of a celery seed extract standardized to 85% 3nB recently appeared in the Natural Medicine Journal.9 For the study, 30 middle-aged patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension took 75 mg doses of a celery seed extract twice daily for six weeks.

    To obtain an equivalent amount of 3nB, one would have to consume approximately 530 stalks (nearly 50 pounds) of celery.30,31

    [NOTE: Blood Pressure Optimizer™ uses TWICE this clinical dosage to assure fast and safe results!]

    Mean blood pressures at baseline were 139.4/85.4 mm Hg. At three weeks, they fell to 134.8/80.9, and at six weeks they fell to 131.2/76.9. This represents total drops of 8.2 mm Hg systolic and 8.5 diastolic from baseline.

    Safer & Better Than Drugs

    Of great importance, while pharmacological calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors are known to reduce blood flow to the brain—which can leave patients feeling tired, depressed, dizzy, or forgetful—celery seed extracts rich in 3nB appear to improve brain blood flow, prevent stroke, and may protect brain cells and enhance their energy consumption.30,33,35

    Blood Pressure Optimizer™ utilizes a clinically proven dosage that's TWICE as strong, which would be the equivalent of eating over 100+ pounds of celery, daily.

  • Pomegranate 5:1 Extract

    Pre Summary

    • Helps regulate blood pressure.
    • Powerful Antioxidant effect.
    • Helps clear artery blockages.
    • Lowers "bad" LDL cholesterol.
    • Can help with a multitude of conditions (erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and more).


    This amazing fruit not only tastes good but has a multitude of health benefits that can help you lower your blood pressure and ensure the health of your heart and arteries.

    A compound found only in pomegranates is called punicalagin. It has been shown to offer benefits for the heart and blood vessels. Punicalagin is responsible for pomegranate's antioxidant and health benefits. It not only lowers  blood pressure and increases the speed at which heart blockages caused by atherosclerosis are removed, it also lowers bad cholesterol.

    Studies have been done on patients with severe carotid artery blockages. They were given an ounce of pomegranate juice each day for a year. Amazingly, the patient's blood pressure lowered by 12%, and there was a 30% reduction in atherosclerotic plaque, meaning the arteries were cleared23.

    More studies have shown that potent antioxidant compounds found in pomegranates reduce platelet aggregation and naturally lower blood pressure, factors that prevent both heart attacks and strokes24

    In addition to its powerful blood pressure lowering effects and the benefits for arterial health, pomegranate extracts are currently being studied for additional benefits, including treatment for: erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, symptoms of diabetes, brain injury, kidney disease, osteoporosis and pregnancy complications.25

    Blood Pressure Optimizer™ uses the highest 5:1 extract, which means improved potency without the calories. Non-GMO and organic.

  • Arginine Alpha Keto-glutarate

    Pre Summary

    • Helps lower high blood pressure, while improving Nitric Oxide levels.
    • Helps lower high cholesterol levels.
    • More potent and better absorbed form of Arginine.


    Recent studies have demonstrated that an amino acid called Arginine has multiple health effects. Arginine is an amino acid found in foods containing protein, and is part of the essential human diet. However, normal nutritional amounts of arginine are too small to initiate the potential health effects of arginine.

    Studies have shown that arginine supplementation has the effect of lowering blood pressure in individuals affected with hypertension as well as preventing high blood pressure in normal individuals or individuals with hypertension risks.36,37

    Additionally it has been shown to affect blood cholesterol content, lowering it in patient with increased cholesterol36. This additionally lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease and helps keep up the health of the arteries.

    Arginine - A Primary Source of Nitric Oxide

    So how does arginine work its wonders? The answer lies in its ability to produce nitric oxide (NO), a simple gas made up of nitrogen and oxygen that performs some amazing feats in the human body.

    Nitric oxide penetrates and crosses the membranes of almost all cells in the body, and it helps regulate many cellular functions. It is even involved in memory function.

    In blood vessels, NO is vitally important because it regulates the tone of the endothelium, the layer of smooth cells that line the inside of the vessels. If these endothelial cells become dysfunctional, they can cause spasms or constrictions of the blood vessels that can then lead to hypertension.

    The Best Form Of Arginine

    Arginine Alpha Keto-glutarate is a form of arginine we use in Blood Pressure Optimizer™ because it's much more potent than regular L-Arginine and thus, less is required.

    In this special form, the absorption of arginine is maximized and its bioavailability increased. This ensures that the maximum health effects are achieved.

  • Lycopene 5% (Lycopersicon Esculentum)

    Pre Summary

    • Helps lower blood pressure and protects against hypertension.
    • Helps lower blood cholesterol and protects against cardiovascular disease.
    • Powerful antioxidant effect protects against damage done by free radicals


    Lycopene is a substance normally found in tomato seeds. Studies have shown it has a very beneficial effect for human health, being able to help lower blood pressure as well as operating as an antioxidants, preventing damage done by free radicals, especially to arteries and blood vessels.34

    Ingesting Lycopene can help protect against cardiovascular disease, as well as increase general health.35 Lycopene has also been demonstrated to be able to lower blood cholesterol, adding to the beneficial effect it has on cardiovascular health.34

    Clinically Proven

     A crossover study of 31 patients with stage 1 hypertension taking a Lycopene-enriched tomato 5% extract for 8 weeks demonstrated significant reductions in blood pressure (-10/-4 mmHg), while no changes in blood pressure were observed during the placebo period.

    Thiobarbituric acid–reactive substances (TBARS), a marker oxidative stress, also decreased during the test period (Engelhard 2006).

    Eating tomatoes usually does not break open the seeds, so the Lycopene naturally found in tomatoes is not very useful for human health. Not to mention, you'd also have to eat many pounds of tomatoes daily to absorb the required amount of Lycopene that's clinically proven to lower blood pressure.

    Blood Flow Optimizer™ provides and easily accessible form of Lycopene and clinically research 5% extract. This helps the body absorb more of it for the required health and heart benefits.

  • Blood Pressure Optimizer™ Vitamin Formula

    Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C 91%) (Calcium 9%)

    • Helps lower blood pressure by working with the body's natural blood pressure lowering mechanism
    • Protective effects on blood vessel health
    • Powerful antioxidant effect, helping protect against damage done by free radicals
    • Increased absorption and bioavailability because of the pairing with calcium

    Vitamin C is a multipurpose vitamin with many health benefits. Vitamin C supplementation is very often and numerous studies show the benefits of ingesting increased vitamin C levels.38

    Among the many health benefits provided by vitamin C, studies have found it has a beneficial effect on regulating blood pressure.39,40 Vitamin C affects the bodies normal mechanism for lowering blood pressure, by working to increase the levels of nitric oxide, which in turn increases the diameter of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.39 Vitamin C also has a protective effect as an antioxidant41, reducing damage done to the arterial walls.

    Calcium Ascorbate is a compound of vitamin C bounded with calcium in order to reduce acidity, increase its bioavailability and help the body absorb it properly.

    Potassium (as Albion® Potassium Glycinate Complex)

    • Lowers blood pressure by affecting the fluid balance in the kidneys
    • Increases fluid excretion, reducing swellings and fluid retention
    • Helps maintain cardiovascular and kidney health

    Potassium is an often addition in the diets of hypertension affected patients. A diet that includes natural sources of potassium is important in controlling blood pressure because potassium lessens the effects of sodium, and is often recommended for people with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Eating salt raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream, which impairs the balance of chemicals in your bloodstream, reducing the ability of your kidneys to remove excess water. This effects leads to an increased blood pressure.

    Studies have shown that regular potassium intake significantly reduces blood pressure levels and helps excrete excess water, especially in people with a high sodium intake.42 Although potassium is a part of normal nutrition, supplementation has shown to be far more effective in helping reduce hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk.43

    We utilized the Albion® Potassium Glycinate Complex to allow for increased absorption and bioavailability, enabling our users to get the most out of the beneficial effects potassium supplementation provides.

    Vitamin B6

    • Helps regulate and lower blood pressure
    • Helps control levels of blood sugar and reduces risks of Type 2 Diabetes
    • Is essential in the formation of healthy blood vessels

    Vitamin B6 is one of the essential vitamins necessary for human health. The main role that vitamin B6 plays in the body, is to support the production of the neurotransmitters Serotonin and norepinephrine. This in turn transmits nerve signals through the body, including heart and blood pressure control.44

    B-6 also helps your body use sugars, fats and proteins, and it is required for the proper growth and development of the brain, nerves, skin and many other parts of the body. This multiple effects on arteries and the muscle cells, is also linked with blood pressure levels and cardiovascular health, as well as blood sugar levels.

    Vitamin B6 supplementation has been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure, as well as preventing cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes. Vitamin B6 deficiency has shown to be heavily associated with high blood pressure.45 Meaning that not getting enough of it through a diverse nutrition plan, can lead to developing high blood pressure.

    Vitamin D3

    • Reduces and regulates high blood pressure.
    • Reduces risks of cardiovascular disease.
    • Helps regulate parathyroid hormones which affects cardiovascular health.

    Vitamin D is another essential nutrient we get from a diversified nutrition. Studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation beyond levels provided by nutrition, unlocks numerous health benefits.

    Vitamin D receptors have a broad tissue distribution that includes vascular smooth muscle, endothelium, and cardiomyocytes - parts of the body that form the blood vessels and heart. A growing body of evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency may adversely affect the cardiovascular system.

    Vitamin D deficiency has shown to be associated with high blood pressure.46 It has been shown that increased Vitamin D levels reduce and regulate blood pressure, reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and help regulate certain hormones that affect cardiovascular health.47,48